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Carbon Offsets

Al Gore uses carbon offsets and you can, too. We have reached the stage where everybody is required to render personal sacrifice just to save our planet. Global warming is evident with ice concentrations at the poles starting to manifest thawing. In fact, scientists disclosed that the early signs of global warming are 30 years ahead of projections.

Whatever actions we make should be geared towards reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. To do this requires an improvement over our carbon footprint and if necessary, the purchase of carbon offsets.

carbon offsets

What are carbon offsets?

People around the globe often have this quirky feeling whenever global warming is mentioned. While everybody wants to help, it seems that people don't really know how. Changing your lifestyle and reducing your carbon footprint is a good start, but there are times when you really need to travel by air to fulfill your professional and personal commitments such as company visits to branches, regular visits to relatives or maybe holding performances at different venues if you are an artist.

These activities increases you travel footprint. You may have acquired some sort of guilt feeling that in way you may have contributed to the worsening condition of the Earth. A plane ride domestically releases per person over 1,700 pounds of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Anyway, you can breathe easier because we have companies that would help you offset the hazards you may have caused the environment and they are called carbon offset providers. Simply calculate the amount of carbon dioxide you have polluted into the atmosphere and for a corresponding volume of emissions, a set fee is collected by these providers.

Money is then channeled to eco-friendly projects in your behalf. These projects are designed to give zero greenhouse gas emissions, others reduces carbon dioxide presence in the air.

What are the carbon offset projects?

Entities that desire to limit greenhouse gases emitted by their homes or offices, undertake "offsetting." This is a system where everybody takes a share of the burden of global warming by planting trees on vacant lots in order to correct the barren landscape.

Carbon offsets are deemed a highly effective system because trees do not emit harmful gasses, but instead absorb carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis while emitting moisture and fresh oxygen. Most carbon offset providers pour their resources into planting trees, to assure patrons that their funds are allotted to projects that help correct greenhouse gas accumulation.

Other projects that carbon offset providers fund are wind farms or windmills that generate carbon dioxide free electricity. Some funds for carbon offsets are apportioned to the set up of hydroelectric generators and geothermal plants. Funds are also used to conduct research on power plants run by waves along seashores. Alternative energy is indeed relevant in the objective of concluding our dependence on fossil fuels.

A significant component of the commitment of carbon offsets in the worthwhile agenda of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the "retrofit program." The program aims to replace gas or coal fired boilers with solar powered units. This is usually performed on the school's heating and cooling system, thereby making it eco-friendly and also carbon dioxide emission free.

Why wait when you can enlist the services of a reputable provider of carbon offsets today.

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